Simon Pegg and Rosamund Pike take us on the road to Happiness

Charles Schultz once said that “happiness is a warm puppy” but then The Beatles told us — albeit sarcastically and with a boatload of overtones — that “Happiness is a Warm Gun.” So who to believe? In reality, the idea of what makes people happy has so many different permutations and combinations that it scarcely seems possible to scratch the surface. Or are we making it too difficult? Is it, in the end, a simple answer? In Peter Chelsom‘s upcoming Hollywood fairy tale, Hector and the Search For Happiness, it seems the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

In Hector, Simon Pegg‘s titular character sets out on a quest to discover just what makes humanity’s collective hearts soar. After finding himself stuck in a rut, Hector leaves behind his dull psychiatry practice and understanding girlfriend Clara (Rosamund Pike) to travel around the globe looking for and observing different people and noting just what makes them tick. From learning that avoiding unhappiness isn’t a sure way to happiness to discovering the value of really listening to those around you, Hector sets himself up for some grand discoveries along the way.

We sat down with Pegg, Pike and director Chelsom to talk about their modern day, big-screen fable at the Toronto International Film Festival. Hear what they had to say below:

Hector opens in theatres September 26.

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