10 Things You Need To Know About Me

  1. I’m a Grade A, four star, Hermione Granger-level culture nerd. I’m filled to the brim with so many related tidbits that I’ve become the go-to person for friends and co-workers when they NEED to know who that guy was in that film with what’s her name. (FYI: It was Abbie Cornish in Bright Star with Ben Whishaw. You’re welcome.)
  2. I’ve proudly pursued that passion and parlayed it into a meaningful career as a film journalist, content marketer and digital producer, consistently planning, creating, editing and managing compelling and engaging web, social, video, podcasting, and (occasionally) print content. More recently I’ve even tried my hand at film festival programming, joining the Rendezvous With Madness Festival team in 2022.
  3. From A-list interviews (Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Robert Pattinson, Emma Thompson, Jon Stewart, Anthony MackieAnya Taylor-Joy and more), to breaking news, to top ten lists, to television episode recaps to scripted original series for web and radio, I’ve had the opportunity to generate a variety of relevant, shareable stories for TSO.ca, Cineplex.com and Cineplex Magazine, Smart Entertainment, Billboard.com, MuchMusic, CTV.ca, The Mary Sue, and That Shelf. I’ve also been featured on CTV’s PopLife, CityTV’s Breakfast Television, and as a one-time champion on Jeopardy!
  4. I have more than fifteen years experience developing, executing and managing content marketing, editorial, video, and SEO strategy as well as the resulting day-to-day digital media production and as an example, in my former role as a Senior Producer at Cineplex Entertainment, increased our content page views (and resulting revenue) from 10,000 per month to over 600,000 in 4 years.
  5. I have also developed and executed fully-integrated social strategies (paid and organic) and content across a number of sites, microsites and platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Letterboxd, Spotify, and YouTube. I’m incredibly proud of the rapport I‘ve been able to develop with fans and followers, allowing for valuable and genuine organic promotional opportunities. I know what fans are sharing, liking, recommending, and talking about and can both proactively and reactively plan content to hop on trends or create them.
  6. I have had the privilege to manage/mentor talented in-house teams of producers/writers while also coordinating sizeable pools of freelance writers, editors, production staff, and translators. I’ve also had several years experience managing the budgets and costs associated with the digital business and above teams.
  7. I’ve been involved with a number of major site redevelopments (both with agencies and with in-house resources), including participating in large-scale usability and accessibility testing, information architecture and QA, and as a result also have extensive experience maintaining digital assets and video as well as helping to manage their migration to new sites and content management systems.
  8. I have extensive experience as a lead/coordinating producer on major annual entertainment events from the Toronto International Film Festival to Cannes and Sundance and from the Oscars to Comic-Con. That’s right! I braved the crowds in San Diego so others didn’t have to. In addition, I’ve been the creative lead on several creative shoots, live streaming, and recordings for a variety of platforms including broadcast, podcasting, radio, print, and online, while also producing specialty content for cinematic in-theatre broadcasts (i.e. NT Live and TimePlay).
  9. I know my memes (Sad Keanu, Condescending Wonka) from my hashtags (#lastfourwatched), and can tell my Whovians from my CumberCollective and Potterheads.
  10. I have curated and continue to maintain incredibly positive relationships with studio, PR and agency contacts throughout Canada and the US, working alongside them to strategically plan and market content, to gain access to exclusive assets, on-location shoots and interviews, breaking casting and trailer news, and to partner on other exciting opportunities (i.e. live online Q&A sessions with directors and relevant talent, contests, and more) that help to promote their films and related products.

So browse around and get just a taste of my work. Want to get in touch? Head here.

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