TIFF 2014: The definitive, 14-track playlist

As the Toronto International Film Fest draws to a close once more, one of the final films to debut comes to the Ryerson courtesy of filmmaker Adam Wingard. Ring a bell? He was the creative genius behind the fab fright flick You’re Next from 2011. His follow-up, The Guest, wraps up the Midnight Madness programme Saturday night and, like it’s predecessor, the hugely enjoyable flick comes complete with a kick-ass ’80s soundtrack – this time full of heavy ’80s synth-pop classics which bring to mind the slasher pics of yore.

After taking a deeper look at Noah Baumbach‘s latest soundtrack for While We’re Young, and now having looked over The Guest‘s stellar songlist, it got us harking back to all of the fantastic uses of music we’ve seen/heard over the course of TIFF 2014. From Bowie to The Beach Boys to Bahamas, the films of the festival have seen some impressive aural accompaniments.

So take a trip back with us over the past ten days of the festival, as we run down our favourite song tracks from the films we’ve seen. We don’t want to give too much away for those who have yet to see the films, so we present them sans context and ask you to trust us when we say they’re well used! So without further ado, we present TIFF 2014: The Playlist, a 20-track lookback.

Feast your ears below then tune in the last week of September for our interview with Guest stars Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe:

(Originally posted on Cineplex.com)

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