Be Our Guest: Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe on their throwback thriller

One of the final movies to debut this past September at the Toronto International Film Festival — it closed out the popular Midnight Madness roster of flicks — came courtesy of director Adam Wingard. If his name is familiar to you, it’s likely because of 2011’s fantastic horror deconstruction You’re Next. Though the film didn’t make a huge dent at the box office, it received rave reviews from genre fans and critics alike. His follow-up film, The Guest — a hugely enjoyable throwback ’80s-style thriller — opened in the US September 26 and opens at Toronto’s Scotiabank Theatre today.

We sat down with the film’s starring duo — Brit charmer Dan Stevens and new scream queen Maika Monroe— to get the scoop on the film that had TIFF audiences cheering and to ask both actors if The Guest was as much fun to film as it was to watch. Catch the interview below now:


Photo: Philip Cheung/WireImage

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