Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson are wannabe jewel thieves in The Love Punch

Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson are divorcees and wannabe jewel thieves in the first trailer for the comedy caper The Love Punch.

The former 007 and Thompson play a divorced couple who come up with a scheme to recover the retirement money that was stolen from them by a French financier.  The pair recruits their bumbling neighbours Timothy Spall and Celia Imrie to join them in Paris where they plan on stealing a valuable diamond.  Wigs, wet suits, questionable accents, and laughs ensue when these middle-aged criminals get down to business.

The heist comedy debuted back in September at the Toronto International Film Festival where Cineplex sat down with the film’s stars and director/writer Joel Hopkins to talk comedy capers, retirement age James Bond,  and Emma Thompson’s stunt driving techniques.  You can watch out fun interview The Love Punch interview here!

(Copy by Rachel West, Interview conducted by Emma Badame)

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